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Kosei Inoue
World / Olympic Champion

1 Month of Free Classes No Contracts Ever!

Only $70 per month ($160 for an entire family)... Martial Arts shouldn't cost as much as a car payment!

I thank for helping my humble persona this previous year along with my VA interest and my personal problems. You have been really there for me. You are truly there for our family. give special thanks in so many ways. With the regards of my family members, and my many acquaintances we will be over there for you.

Our dojo has one of the largest floating tatami mat floors in Virginia, making learning almost pain free!

Don't be fooled by fake martial arts clubs and tai kwon do clubs that claim to teach judo.

Only our club has had 5 Judo Olympians and the 2008 Olympic Coach visit us as well as

History Channel's Human Weapon Judo Star! They come here because they know we are the real deal!

Rhonda Rousey, Rick Hawn, Rhadi Ferguson, Taraje Williams, Jason Morris